Halloween: Train Costume Inspired by Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids Inspired Train Costume

Since it’s officially fall, I thought I’d share some Halloween costume inspiration!  We had some fun last year making our son’s Halloween costume inspired by this darling train costume from Pottery Barn Kids.  Surprisingly, it was simpler than we thought it would be…check it out:screenshot_2015-09-20-19-45-47a

Photo from Pottery Barn Kids

Our little guy wakes up talking about trains, plays with trains allllll day, and goes to sleep saying “choo, choo”.  Trains. Are. His. Thing.  So you can imagine my horror when I logged online to order his costume only to see that the costume was “No longer available”.

Whaaaaa???  Well, with no backorder date, I realized that I was just going to have to make it myself!  The awesome hubs and I got out graph paper, craft foam, and felt to begin our pursuit.img_1891blog

We first made the “form” of the train out of craft foam.  This served as the pattern for the felt part of the train and is also what helps the train keep its shape.  I know, it looks like Frankenstein’s (or Santa’s) boot, but stick with me it gets better.img_1858blog

We then cut and sewed the felt pieces to make the outside look like a train.  I appliqued the colored parts of the train on the felt.  And ta-da!img_1854ablog

I wish I knew exactly how much it cost me to make this costume, but I used materials that I already had – from the felt to the buttons to the duct tape.  The only thing I bought was the black craft foam, which I purchased with a coupon – it cost about $5.img_1829ablog

He absolutely loves it!  He begs to wear it all the time!  And I’m so glad…getting a toddler to wear a costume when you ask them to is always iffy.

Stay tuned for more on our current Halloween costumes and happy trick-or-treating!

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